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Our Cricket Club Offers.

Become a part of our cricket club and unleash your potential on the field with our expert coaching and supportive team.

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Experienced coach

"A successful and experienced cricket club fosters growth and development."

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Personal Training

"Personal training is a one-on-one fitness program that can help individuals achieve their health and fitness goals."

Calcutta, India - January 07, 2016: Cricket players are celebrating fall of wicket during CAB league.

Group Session

"Group session of cricket involves practice matches, skill drills, and teamwork for players' development."

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Organized matches and tournaments

"Social cricket events promote camaraderie and fun through friendly matches, BBQs, and other social activities."

Our History


  1. MBCA Cricket Club was founded in 2022 in Mira-Bahindar road by a group of cricket enthusiasts from the local community.
  2. The club quickly gained popularity and success, winning its first major trophy in [year] and becoming a force to be reckoned with in the local cricket scene.
  3. Throughout its history, MBCA Cricket Club has produced several talented cricketers who have gone on to represent [country/region] at the national level.
  4. The club has played at various venues over the years, including [list of venues], and has undergone several renovations and upgrades to its facilities.
  5. Today, MBCA Cricket Club continues to be a beloved institution in the local community, providing opportunities for players of all ages and skill levels to enjoy the sport of cricket.

Cricket is not just about playing the game, it's about playing it with the right attitude.

Sourav Ganguly

With the professional coach.

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Championships are won at practice.

Our Course

Quality courses with one of the best coaches

Get trained by top-rated cricket coaches and improve your skills on the field. Explore a range of quality cricket courses that cater to all levels of experience. Learn from coaches with extensive knowledge and expertise in the sport. Enhance your game through personalized instruction and feedback. Take your cricketing abilities to the next level with the best coaches in the field.